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Keep CT's Climate Promise.

It's time for action and accountability.

It's time Connecticut had Clean Cars, Clean Trucks, and Clean Air.

Read the coalition's Dec. 4 statement.

Send key legislators a message.

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Demand Climate
Action Now

Connecticut promised to cut climate pollution and protect our future. It's time to keep that promise.

Connecticut is not on track to meet its obligations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


It's time to strengthen the state’s climate law, the Global Warming Solutions Act, to reflect the urgency of the climate crisis, ensure accountability, and put Connecticut back on the path to fulfilling its commitments.​ It's time to make the homes we live in greener and more efficient, and our communities more resilient. It's time for cleaner transportation options. And it's time to ensure overburdened neighborhoods have the tools they need to stand up to polluters.


Environmental advocates, health experts, labor and municipal representatives, and more have formed the CT Coalition for Climate Action to make sure that happens.​


Join us in calling on Connecticut lawmakers to pass meaningful legislation and Keep CT's Climate Promise.

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