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Solar Panels on Roof

The Climate Action You Want

Climate commitment is mainstream—it’s a priority for 3 out of 4 people in Connecticut.

According to recent polling of Connecticut residents:

  • 78% support regulating climate pollution

  • 82% want to fund research on renewable energy

  • 77% support rebates for clean energy and clean vehicles

  • 73% want fossil fuel companies to pay for their pollution

Source: Yale Program on Climate Change Communication. Based on 2023 polling data.


The same research found that a clear majority of Connecticut residents want their elected officials to do more about climate change...

...but you wouldn’t know it from the stagnant progress in Hartford the last few years. Connecticut used to be a leader on climate, but now the state is falling behind its neighbors and falling behind on its own goals. Together we can turn that around.

We’ve created an easy form to tell your state legislators to step up on climate. Just enter your name and address, and our system will match you with your state senator and representative and a pre-written message calling for more renewable energy, energy efficiency, and climate accountability THIS YEAR. It takes less than two minutes.

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